Ultimate Tips For Beginners

The ultimate free tips For Newbie Players

Hello all my fellow readers, today I want to tell you about the great tips for Pixel Gun 3D Game. Of course that you can generate the gems and coins with our pixel gun 3d hack for gems and coins but it doesn’t need to be enough for you.

When you first start the game you will see free weapons since you started. Such as simple machine gun and pixel gun. When you will attend in the Tutorial then you will get rewarded by receiving more advanced weapons. Some great weapons will be unlocked after reaching the level 2 or more.

Get better with using Weapons in Pixel Gun 3D

When you get the machine gun capacity lower then you need to try to be accurate as much as possible as you can. When using the shotgun you need to shoot at a shorter range in multiplayer.
It is good to use the knife only in a Knife Party! Don’t use it anywhere else. When using sniper rifle do not attempt to shoot at close range. 🙂

As you level up and get better you will tend to buy better weapons to have a better offense. You can pay for it with your Coins and Gems.
You should combine it when buying the weapons, you should use both of them.

The dead star is recommended for Backup with Good Fire Rate. The downside is that it has worse capacity but it is still good.
For the melee we recommend you to get the Katana. It has a really high attack speed.

Can you edit the values of Coins and Gems without Jailbreak in iOS or Android?

Can you edit the elements of Coins and Gems without the Jailbreak? Yeah, you can definitely do that but it is not recommended by us. Because when you don’t have a jailbreak in your phone device then you have a higher chance of getting caught while using the Pixel Gun 3D Hack without Jailbreak.

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What’s the best way to earn the currency really fast without any hacking?

If you don’t want to hack pixel gun 3d game then you have various options to get these coins or gems for free and also get them fast. One rocket speedway is to earn fast while playing Co-op survival mode and play it until you don’t get the weapon that you want. Complete all 3 worlds in a campaign. The campaign gives you the only one free weapon forever. And that weapon is really useful for rocket jumping. Then you should skill yourself and get better and once your skills got better then go to deadly games and win it.

We hope that you liked these tips written above and you will get better in playing the great game.