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Pixel Gun 3D Game

Today we have released our new tool, the Pixel Gun 3D Hack!
Pixel Gun 3D is one of the best games outta there. It is a really successful online multiplayer game. The game is free to play as many others. It can be downloaded from Google App Store and Apple’s iOS Store. It supports HD displays, therefore the game is in HD itself. The game is clearly for Smartphone users, but you can of course play it on your PC. Authors of this game call themself ‘RillSoft’. Pixel Gun 3d is a really interactive and fun to play game. It is the best to chose game for all who love the massive like shooting games. This game is based that you can play with everyone across the globe. And if you are the SinglePlayer type guy, then you will be happy, ’cause you can play it in singleplayer mode. You can use a variety of guns, machettes, hand guns and many more to destroy your enemy rivals that you hate. Your enemies vary from Zombies, online players and NPCs. Pixel Gun game cotains the all loved gaming modes, such as: deathmatch, coop mode, survival game or flag stealing. You can both play them in SP or MP.

Hack Now the Pixel Gun 3D

Your main goal in the game is to save yourself from zombies. The zombies are doing an offensive attack on your village and you must to save it from them! It is really fun and addicting.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tool – why?

Why we have developed the Pixel Gun 3d Hack? We felt that since this game has so much players, that it is unfair to pay for the overpriced in-game items and pay for it with real money. So we have created our own pixel gun 3d hack. We belive that free to play game should be free-to-play, not pay to win. Our hack contain a variety of features, which will make your gameplay even easier and more fun. With this, you will easily kill your enemies and zombies. The most famous top players used our Pixel Gun 3d cheat, yet they would never tell you. And this is a really good for us, because you can see how much our Pixel Gun 3d cheat is secured. They never been discoverd. They have never been banned while using our cheats. We belive that every player will love our tool. We have designed it for the lovers of this super nice game. The hack GUI is really easy to use. You will add your resources in no time. You don’t need to download anything from our website, because it is online based on our cloud servers.

Is the Pixel Gun 3D Cheat safe?

Yes it is safe! We have been developing this tool since March 2016. We continuously develop the tool, so we can keep up with the game updates. We have tested our tool for more than 3 months with our beta testers. They have never reported any problem, yet there may be some undiscovored little bugs. But the tool is functioning properly. They have never reported any BAN. There was a ban hammer affecting other pixel gun 3d hacks, but our alived without any problems. We release updates every week.

How to use this tool?

You are now asking on how to use this tool. First you will need to click on the ‘Hack now’ button which is located above. Then you will need to enter your username. Note: we will never require your password. Then you will need to enter the amount of resources that you want. You will need to look on our console. After it finishes, all is done! You can now play your pixel gun game with your added resources. Now to the battle warrior!
We hope that you will enjoy our great hack which is designed for all players. We belive that you will love it too.

Recapitulation of what you get with this Pixel Gun 3d cheat tool

So what you wil get? You will get the unlimited resources. The cheat contains a nicely done GUI. It is based online. (If our servers don’t work, then you will need to download our backup tool. But it never happened so far.) You will get your resources in no time. The hack tool is updated often. You don’t need to enter any of your personal information in our hack.
We have developed the advanced anti ban system, so you will never ever get banned, isn’t it cool? 🙂

The changelog – our versions

pixel gun 3d cheat toolIn may 2015, we have released the first version numbered as 0.1. It worked very well. Then the pixel gun servers updated and we have also needed to update our tool. So the next week we have released a 0.2 version. Then for a long time, there weren’t any update. But last month, the servers again got updated. We also updated our tool. The current version is 0.4 and you can use it online without any restriction. We will continue to develop and update our Pixel Gun 3d hacks. You can also download our pixel gun 3d hack apk if you don’t want to use our pixel gun 3d online hack. But we think that the online tool works the best, so you should better use the online version.

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Make sure that you use this hack on our website. Other website can cause some troubles, or they can be infected with some sort of virus. Also they often want you to download some sort of program which also may be infected or place adware into your personal computer. So be aware to use only our website.
If you like our work, you can donate to us. If you have found any bug, please contact us via the contact form on our website. We hope that you will not find any bugs!
Please share our work also on social media such as FaceBook and Google+. We are preparing our forum and our facebook fanpage, so you can see our updates right away in your facebook or google+ feed. You can also use the RSS feed located on our website, which is free to use. You will get instantly our updates to your windows 10 rss feed or into your email. It will be really comfortable for you to use this and see our updates straight away. Why it so important to update our Pixel Gun 3D Hack Cheat tool? The RillSoft servers update often and when they do update, they will slightly change the system of receiving funds. Therefore we need to adjust also our software and we need to release the new version.

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You can use our program forever. You can use it more than once and never be discovered by any of the admins. As I said, our beta testers have never been banned.
After you use our Pixel Gun 3D Hack and cheats tool, you will also receive an additional super bonus PDF guide for free with additional tricks for the pixel gun game. You will love these tips, it suits for the begginers and also for the experienced players. You will love it.
If you find any problem, contact us.