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Seven tips for all players of Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun – The seven tips

pixel gun 3d 7 tipsPixel Gun 3D is a first-person shooting game that you can download and play on your Android device. It is a great game for anyone that is new to shooting games, because it is relatively easy to learn, but also really fun to play. Whenever you are going to start playing this game, you have got to follow this guide. These tips are going to help you finally become a great player at Pixel Gun. Other players are going to have a hard time trying to beat you in Pixel Gun.

7 Tips:

  1. Get free coins by playing a lot of co-op games with a friend. This is a fast way to earn more coins since you have got the help of another person. The two of you can make coins fast using this method. And through this kind of process, you would finally earn enough coins to buy the guns and equipment that you want.
  2. Avoid playing new games in maps that you are not familiar with. This is because there could be blind spots that you are not aware of in these kinds of plans. It helps out a lot if you become familiar with a map first before you play a multiplayer game in that particular map layout.
  3. There are hack tools that you can use. Using these cheats and hacking tools for Pixel Gun 3D could allow you to get more gems without having to buy them. This could enable you to get all of the high-tier equipment and guns.
  4. A tactical part to aim for when shooting at other players is at a lower point. When you aim lower, you are compensating for recoil, and you then have a higher chance of getting a headshot.
  5. Do not stay still, you need to avoid that. You have got to keep moving around, especially if you want to avoid getting shot at by other players. Being mobile can allow you also to find and shoot down other players much faster as well.
  6. Rocket Jumps and double-jumps are something that you should master. These kinds of moves can give you a lot of mobility. If you time your double-jump or rocket jump just right, you could even avoid getting hit by another player’s gun.
  7. New players should focus on playing in the larger maps first. In larger maps, there are fewer places where you could get boxed in and chase by other more experienced players. You could also have more space to practice your moves and accuracy when firing your weapons as well.

Let’s recapitulate it all

If you are going to be playing Pixel Gun, you have got to start following these Pixel Gun 3D tips. These tips are going to be able to give you an edge over other players. Other players are going to have a much harder time beating you in the game because you are going to have the help of this Pixel Gun 3D guide. And if you are better at playing Pixel Gun 3D, you are also going to have much more fun playing this Android game.

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